The Julie Bag in Black

The Julie Bag in Black


A buttery soft clutch in supple cowhide with a convenient adjustable strap that allows this bag to function in many ways. Two inside pockets. Beautiful brass hardware. Sweet little tassel. Linings will vary. 


Note: Black has sold out for now, but I still have this bag in other colors and in bright cherry red. I am constantly making these in various colors so please contact me for color availability, or if you can wait a few weeks I can make one in a color of your choosing. (I will be making more of these in black in just a few weeks).***** 

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Not long ago, one of my daughters-in-law, asked me to make a simple bag that could function in several ways. This is the bag we came up with. The bag can be carried as a clutch, cross body, or over the shoulder. The leather is soft and you can squish it comfortably under your arm. There are two pockets inside to be used however you wish. With this simple bag, it's really all about the leather. I have used a piece of discontinued cowhide that I found a few months ago, along with some lovely brass hardware. The tassel is removable and adds a touch of class. As she has been carrying the prototype for this bag and utilizing it in all of its various ways, she has commented that she LOVES this bag! It looks and feels great. I decided to name this one The Julie Bag since it was her idea to do a bag like this. I'm on the lookout for more colors of this same quality of leather, and when I find just the right piece I'll be broadening the color options.