Keepsake and Custom Leather Bags

Worn with Love -- Re-Created with Love

Before you donate the outdated leather coat that is gathering dust in your closet, consider contacting me about the possibility of having a new bag made from that old coat. ReFind Originals offers a custom-design service on a limited basis. I can transform your garment into a signature accessory for you, or I can create a stunning unique gift for a friend or family member that will be a truly valued keepsake.

ReFind Originals strives to create a beautiful work-of-art handbag by letting the original leather product speak for itself and help shape the new handbag. By creating a personalized handbag for you, I want to keep your leather garment's history alive by refashioning it into a useful piece of art that you will treasure for years to come.

Here is how it works:

You contact me about having your custom bag made.

I either see your garment, or pictures of the piece that I will be working with.

We discuss your desires.

After I see the garment and hear what you would like, I let you know what I think the possibilities and cost are. I always do my best to include everything that is important to you, and I will let you know if I am unable to meet every request. The outcome of your new bag, or bags, will be largely dictated by the lines, seams, pockets and condition of the garment.

Once we agree on what I will do, and I have given you a price quote, I will either have you send or drop off your garment when you are ready. When your order is ready I will contact you and we can arrange for payment. After payment is received, I will send your order as quickly as possible. 


Above is an example of a recent messenger bag I made from my cusomer's father's old US Navy jacket. She commented that it seemed I had "preserved the spirit of the original jacket".  I consider that a great compliment!