How It All Started

"I grew up on an Indiana farm, where my sister and I lived with our parents in the house that was built by our great great grandfather in the 1800s. We listened to stories of how our ancestors from England settled in the area and even saw the spot in the woods where the bricks for our home were made by hand. We always had access to all the "junk" that had accumulated throughout several generations that had lived there before us, which is what sparked the enthusiasm I have as an adult to protect, preserve, and use things that others might throw away, and even to see the beauty in an old rusty plow shear. I am somewhat bored by the shiny and new, and delight in an object that has developed patina over time. These days, as I see my own "patina" developing, I'm learning to value "old things" even more!

A few years ago, as I was perusing a thrift store, an old bomber jacket fairly jumped off the rack and into my arms. My first thought was that it was exactly how I would want my handbag to look and feel, all buttery soft and worn, with lots of character. My second thought was "Hmmmm....I wonder if I could make a purse from that jacket."  And guess what?  I COULD make a bag out of a leather jacket. Not only could I make a bag, but people wanted to buy them!  Many many bags and accessories later, here I am with a full blown business called ReFind Originals!  I still make each bag by hand, one at a time. Now, my business has grown to the point where I have hired a few select people to help me. Even though it has grown, I still want to keep things small enough that I can continue to make each piece with the full attention to detail that I always have. Each piece has my personal touch and many of my customers have become not only repeat customers, but friends." —Anita


Julie BoylesComment